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onsdag, oktober 17th, 2018

Xinyu Q(ZY/XY)-2/200 Copper Enameled Wire Information

Xinyu Q(ZY/XY)-2/200 Copper Enameled Wire can work continuously under 200C and has excellent properties of heat resistance,resistence to refrigerators,chemical and is suitable for the motors of compressors and air-conditioners and rolling mill motor working in adverse and high-quality power tools and light fitting and special power tools of aerospace,nuclear industry,steel-smelting and coal cutting and canned motor pump and automotive motor,etc.

Advantages Of Enameled Copper Wire:

155 Enameled Copper Wire

a) High resistance to heat shock.

b) High temperature.

c) Good performance in cut-through.

d) Suitable for high-speed automated routing.

e) Able to be direct weld, with no pinhole.

f) Resistive to high frequency, wearing, refrigerants and electronics corona.

g) High breakdown voltage, small dielectric loss angle.

h) Environment-friendly.

Characteristics Of Enameled Copper Wire:

a) Excellentconductivity.

b) Suitable for high-speed automated routing.

c) Able to be directly weld, with no pinhole.

d) Able to bear refrigerants, corona and solvents.

e) Excellent mechanical properties in all aspects.

f) Stable performance, longer service life.

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mandag, oktober 15th, 2018

Xinyu Enameled Wire Magnet Wire Information

Enameled Wire is a fundamental part of a winding in every electrical machine or apparatus. Compared to fibrous insulations, enamelled copper & aluminium wire offers a favourable space saving factor together with a high level of breakdown voltage.

The main application of Enamelled Copper Wire & Enamelled Aluminium wire is in winding of Motor and Transformers.

200 Enameled Copper Wire

Advantage of Enameled wire:



Resistance to Corrosion

Magnet_wire is also called winding wire. There are a number of film insulation types ranging from temperature Class 105 to Class 240. Each film type has its own unique set of characteristics to suit specific needs of the application

Magnet wire is a daintily offended wire made of either decontaminated and completely toughened copper or aluminium. Whenever curled and invigorated by an electrical power source the wire will deliver an electromagnetic field Nearly all power should be directed through an electromagnetic field to change over starting with one type of energy then onto the next. Magnet wire can be utilized to change energy between three distinctive courses: starting with one type of electrical energy then onto the next, mechanical energy to electrical energy, and mechanical energy to electrical energy.

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torsdag, september 27th, 2018

Advantages of Xinyu Enameled Wire

The Enameled aluminum wire is a new type of electromagnetic wire using aluminum enameled wire as the inner conductor. Its characteristics are between copper and aluminum, which separates the excellent electrical conductivity of copper and the light weight of aluminum.
180 Enameled Copper Wire

Advantages of aluminum enameled wire:

1. DC resistivity: The DC resistivity of aluminum enameled wire is about 1.5 times that of pure copper wire; when the resistance is the same, the weight of aluminum enameled wire is about it is 1/2 of pure copper wire.

2. Good brazability: The aluminum enameled wire is covered with a layer of pure copper concentrically, so it has the same as pure copper wire. Brazing, without special handling like aluminum wire.

3. Light weight: The aluminum enameled wire density is 1/3 of the pure copper wire of the same wire diameter, which is very effective for reducing the weight of the cable and the coil.

Application area of xinyu enameled aluminum wire:

1. Used for manufacturing windings that require light weight, high relative conductivity, and good heat dissipation, especially for transmitting high frequency signals.

2. Electromagnetic wires for high-frequency transformers, ordinary transformers, induction coils, motors, household motors and micro motors;

3. The enameled wire of the micro motor rotor coil, etc.;

4. Special electromagnetic wire for acoustic coil and optical drive;

5. Electromagnetic wire for the deflection coil of the display;

6. Electromagnetic wire for degaussing coil;

7. Electromagnetic wires for internal coils of mobile phones, watch drive components, etc.

Over years, Xinyu Enameled Wire is always committed to producing various specifications enameled wire. Xinyu enameled wire has continued make process on enameled wire development and we make quality products for customers.

tirsdag, september 25th, 2018

Information of Xinyu Copper Clad Aluminum Wire Supplier

Xinyu-enameledwire established in 2002, which is a high-tech enterprise specializing in producing Enameled Copper Wire and Enameled aluminum wire, our company is a leading designer and manufacturer. Currently, our products mainly include various specifications and models of enameled wires.
220 Enameled Copper Wire

Copper clad aluminum wire have the characteristics of stable physical property, high strength, light in weight and easy been processed. The product performance index has approved by national authority organization, is widely used in the fields of CATV cable, RF cable, leakage cable, high frequency signal transmission cable, power cable etc. And getting excellent performance in high-tech fields such as telecommunication, military production, aerospace industry, computer and electronics.

Performance features of Copper Clad Aluminum Wire from Xinyu:

–High conductivity, high heat resistance

–Shock-resistance, corrosion-resistant

–Excellent durability, durable-resistant

–Superior strength, reliability

–Rust-resistant, affordability

–Low maintenance

Characteristics of Copper Clad Aluminum Wire from Xinyu:

A) High cut through.

B) Excellent electricity performance.

C) Excellent heat shock, adherence and flexibility.

D) Excellent resistance to abrasion and solvent. with outstanding technical standards, superior Copper Enameled Wire product quality, standardized safe operation level, efficient service concept, the best product cost, and good business reputation and other unique advantages, access to the industry customers and experts unanimously recognized and praised. Welcome your visit.

mandag, september 17th, 2018

Various Types of Xinyu Enameled Wire

Xinyu Enameled aluminum wire has excellent properties of mechanical strength .film adhesion and solvent resistance,light weight and is widely used in transformers,inductors,ballasts.electrial appliances, deflection coils in display,antimagnetized coils,induction cooker,microwave oven,reactor,etc.

Advantages Of Xinyu Enameled Aluminum Wire:

A) Stable quality, raw material will be strictly inspected before production.

B) The most competitive price for your market.

C) Professional technology support and timely after-sale service.

D) Free sample available for your test.

E) Special specification can be customized, OEM is also accepted.

F) Fast Delivery, 10-12 days for one 20GP container’s loading.

G) Elantas insulation available.

H) Diameter range from 0.18mm to 6.50mm, thermal class from 130 to 220.

I) Longer quality guarantee period, any quality problem we will compensate for your loss.

Transformer Aluminum Foil has good elongation and tensile strength. It is mainly used in dry-type high-voltage and low-voltage transformers winding.

Features Of Aluminum Foil For Transformers:

A) Superior flexibility.

B) Excellent heat-resistance.

C) Excellent adhesion.

D) Waterproof.

E) Longer service life.

F) Lighter than copper foil, less cost.

Xinyu Enameled Wire has strong technical force, advanced apparatus, superior craft, sound detection equipment. Together with our excellent business team, we can meet all the requirements of global customers. We warmly welcome more customers to visit us to establish long-term relationships.

onsdag, september 12th, 2018

Xinyu Enameled Aluminum Round Wire (Brief Introduction)

Utilizing the knowledge and experience, we are involved in offering premium quality Enameled aluminum wire. In order to attain complete customer satisfaction, xinyu enameled aluminum wire is precisely engineered using high quality material that is obtained from certified vendors of the market. We assure to provide quality thereby this wire is stringently examined by a team of quality controllers to ensure flawless finish.

Product introduction of Xinyu enameled aluminum wire:

Enameled aluminum round wire is a type of winding wire made by electric round aluminum rod which drawn by dies with special size, then over coated with enamel repetitiously


−Excellent electricity performance

−Excellent heat shock, adherence and flexibility

−Excellent resistance to heat, abrasion and solvent

−Lighter than enameled copper wire, easy to transport, help reduce the cost of raw material and transportation fee.

Advantages of enameled round aluminum wire:

1. Compared with copper enameled wire, enameled aluminum wire is easier to winding, also there is a solid oxide film on surface of enameled aluminum wire, which make it has good insulating effect, long life

2. Due to good insulating effect of aluminum film layer, it is heat-resistant temperature can be 20 degrees higher than the copper wire

3. Greatest benefit of using aluminum is that it is 1/3 lighter than copper which significantly lower production costs, second it can attach to solids easily and third it can also reduce freight and transportation during the operation

Field of applications of xinyu Magnet_wire:

. Microwave transformers

. Requirements for production of lightweight, relatively high conductivity, heat-resistance and good windings, especially transmission of high frequency signal windings

. Magnet wires used in high-frequency voltage devices, common transformer, inductance coils, electro motors, household electrical and micro-motors

. Enameled wire used in small-motor rotor winding

. Magnet wires used in monitor deflection coil

. Magnet wires used in degaussing coil

. Other special magnet wire

Clients can avail xinyu enameled aluminum wire and Copper Enameled Wire in various lengths and thicknesses as per their needs.