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mandag, oktober 1st, 2018

ECCA Wire Information( Xinyu Enameled Wire Supplier Provide)

The professional Enameled Wire supplier – xinyu-enamelediwre, founded in 2002, specializes in the production of copper enameled wire and enameled aluminum wire, ecca wire, etc. We are the industry leading manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers and exporters in dealing high performing enameled wire.

Enameled copper clad aluminum wire(ecca wire) is a new kind of magnet wire applying CCA as conductor ,which combines the beneficial properties of the wonderful conductivity of copper and the light-weight of aluminum.

Xinyu ECCA Wire Application

1.Special magnet wire applied in voice coils, CD-ROM coils;

2.Light magnet wire for mobiles and watches;

3.Magnet wire for high frequency transformers;

4.Magnet wire for deflexion coils of display;

5.Magnet wire for degaussing coils of display;

6.Other magnet wire

Xinyu ECCA Wire Advantage

A) High-quality raw material adopted.

B) Superior quality with competitive price.

C) Professional technology and sales team.

D) Timely after-sale service.

E) Special specification can be customized, OEM is also accepted.

F) Fast Delivery.

G) Elantas insulation available.

H) Diameter range from 0.18mm to 6.50mm, thermal class from 130 to 220.

I) Longer quality guarantee period, any quality problem we will compensate for your loss.

Advantages of enameled CCA wire:

As envelope alternatives of pure Enameled Copper Wire, it has good performance of high frequency transmission, originally it was applied in various types of high-frequency electromagnetic induction coil; now in order to save more production cost, ECCA wire has been widely used in various types of electronic coils, transformers, inductors, rectifiers, and all kinds of large and small motors, and has excellent soldering performance. Its density is low, the weight of the unit product can at least save 40% of the copper wire, it can save a lot of cost of production material.

Product Features of ECCA Wire:

High breakdown voltage

Good adhesion

Tin soldering

Few pinhole

Sustained and stable quality

If you have any new requirement, please feel free to contact with us. We will try our best to support you and become your long time partner.

torsdag, august 30th, 2018

Enameled Copper Wire Supplier Xinyu Provide Different Type ECCA Wire II

Enameled Copper Clad Aluminum Wire (that from enameled copper wire supplier – xinyu-enameledwire) has excellent properties of solvent resistance,mechanical property, heat resistance, cut through testing and easy coloring,widely used in special motors.electrial apparatus and household electrical appliances.

Polyurethane Enameled Round Copper Clad Aluminum Wire,Class 130/155/180

Product Models:3UEW, 2UEW,1UEW

Specification (mm):0.08~3.00

Product standard: Q/320412
GBLZ 002-2010

Product properties:Straight welding property
High resistance to high frequency
High rmoisture resistivity

Polyesterimide Enameled Round Copper Clad Aluminum Wire,Class 180

Product Models:2EIW/180

Specification (mm):0.08~3.00

Product standard:Q/320412
GBLZ 002-2010

Product properties:High resistance to heal shock
Easy tinting

Enameled Round Copper Clad Aluminum Wire,Class 200

Product Models: 2EI/AIW/200

Specification (mm):0.08~3.00

Product standard:Q/320412
GBLZ 002-2010

Product properties: Resistance to refrigerant and solvent

In next article on Enameled Copper Wire supplier – xinyu-enameledwire news page, you will see more details about Enameled Copper Wire Supplier Xinyu Provide Different Type ECCA Wire III.

onsdag, august 29th, 2018

Xinyu Copper Enameled Wire Composite Material

The preparation process of the xinyu Enameled Copper Wire basically adopts the solid phase junction, that is, the plastic bond deforms the two metal bond faces to the interatomic space, forming a large number of bond points, and through the diffusion heat treatment, the final form a firm bond of the interface. The industrial preparation methods mainly include forging, extrusion, hydrostatic extrusion, rolling and crimping, and cladding welding, but these methods generally have disadvantages such as poor interface bonding and surface treatment problems.

It has a short process flow and a prepared blank interface. To achieve metallurgical bonding, the advantages of large-section composite blank forming can be realized.

The principle of this new process is: filling the core metal while continuously forging the outer metal shell; firstly forming a tubular shell of the outer metal material copper, filling the core metal liquid when the temperature of the shell is lowered to a certain extent, the two metal materials are combined by mutual diffusion or intermediate reaction between the two elements. Implement the composite process. Practice has proved that the process can achieve non-oxidative recombination, overcoming the defects of complex processing of the core material or cladding layer in the overmolding manufacturing process, and the interface quality is not disordered.

At the beginning of the composite continuous casting, the copper liquid is firstly solidified into a copper tube and charged continuously by a traction mechanism. Subsequently, the aluminum liquid is continuously filled into the copper tube through the graphite core tube, and the continuous preparation of the copper-clad aluminum Enameled Wire composite material is realized by the primary cooling of the crystallizer and the secondary cooling of the water spray to control the solidification process of the aluminum and the interfacial reaction between the copper and the aluminum.

mandag, august 27th, 2018

Ways of Measure Enameled Wire (Xinyu-enameledwire)

The professional Enameled Wire supplier – xinyu-enameledwire is a modernize enterprise with many years professional manufacturing history. From the very beginning till now, the company devotes to research and manufacture enameled magnet wire and winding magnet wire. In this article, the topic is Ways of measure enameled wire.

Xinyu enameled wire needs a very detailed requirements at the time of production. On-line measurement when product xinyu enameled wire can effectively control the quality of the product. But we all know, the speed of the production of enameled wire is very high. The measuring tool is no way to measure exposure to accurate data, and this would be very likely to cause the line disconnected. So how to find a good measurement?

With the development of science and technology, the new measuring tool–laser measuring instrument has produced. The data of xinyu enameled wire can be measured by laser. Laser get accurate data front line by induction without touching, can get accurate data. It is convenient and quick. We can do real-time production monitoring and process monitoring through the laser measuring instrument.

If it found abnormalities, there will be automatically alarm. This equipment can also be compensated by adding real-time feedback. it also can correct in real-time for enameled copper wire, trying to achieve zero scrap. So the laser measuring instrument have good promotion for the development of xinyu enameled wire production and the enterprise.

Xinyu-enameledwire will provide clients high-quality Enameled Copper Wire products with the best quality and the good service. We are looking forward to cooperating with you.

fredag, august 24th, 2018

The Functions of the Enameled Copper Wire

In addition to scale, electrical resistance and resilience, the other functions of the Enameled Copper Wire are related to the paint film. Thus, in the case of an appropriate and stable enamelled process, xinyu enamelled wire lacquer is a key factor affecting the function of the enameled wire. In order to make the enameled wire function stable, the quality of the enamelled wire lacquer must be stable and have a certain process margin.

In foreign countries, in order to better control the curing process of the paint and the quality of the enamelled wire and the enameled wire, the enameled wire manufacturer often requires the paint manufacturer to supply the infrared spectrum, gas chromatography and gel chromatography of the xinyu Enameled Wire to recognize the wire coating composition. Stability. When quality problems occur in the production of enameled wire, these materials also help the enameled wire production plant to analyze the problem, find out the cause of the problem more quickly, and find a solution to the problem. At present, China’s enameled wire production plants do not generally require paint manufacturers to supply such information. We believe that more and more enameled wire production plants will make this request to the paint factory in the future.

It is suitable for occasions with high operating frequency, skin effect of single-strand wire and excessive loss of nearby effects. The use of enamelled copper strands can reduce the operating temperature, and the enamelled strands have higher mechanical flexibility than single strands of the same cross-sectional area. Widely used in lines with high values.

onsdag, august 15th, 2018

The Characteristics of Enameled Copper Wire II

The Characteristics of Copper Enameled Wire II

7. Deterioration Proof: Wire coating must be resistant to deterioration tested by pulling and stretching (Elongation) without any fracture of the coating film.

8. Softening Proof: Enameled copper wire with a diameter from 0.20 mm. of the bare wire must have flexibility without a short circuit.

9. Solvent Proof: Enameled copper wire must be resistant to solvents by without abrasion of the coating film.

10. Reagent Proof: Enameled copper wire must be resistant to reagents by without abrasion of the coating film.

11. Insulating-oil Proof: Enamelled copper wire must resistant to oil insulation by without abrasion of the coating film.

12. Solderability: Enameled wire must be coated solder with the coating film. This section is for the only certain kinds of varnish coated wire.

13. Pin Hole: Porous enameled wire must not exceed the number of specified pin holes.

As a professional enameled copper wire manufacturer – xinyu-enameledwire offer high-quality enameled wire with different types for you.

The Characteristics of Xinyu Enameled Copper Wire

1. Excellent conductivity.

2. Suitable for high-speed automated routing.

3.Able to be directly weld, with no pinhole.

4. Able to bear refrigerants, corona and solvents.

5.Excellent mechanical properties in all aspects.

6.Stable performance, longer service life.

Xinyu-enameledwire is an industry and trade enterprise specialized in Enameled Copper Wire, welcome your visit.

fredag, august 10th, 2018

Brief Introduction of Copper Clad Aluminum Enameled Wire

The specifications of the copper clad Enameled aluminum wire:

1)Size: 0.2-2.5mm; Copper content 20%–30%

2) Temperature resistant grade 130/155

3) The characteristics of copper clad aluminum enameled wire: low resistivity, easy soldering, light weight

Color: Red, green, brown, blue, amber

Conductor: Copper Clad Aluminum

Size:0.04-2.80mm, SWG 11-48, AWG 9-44

Thermal class: 130/155/180/200/220

Shape: round

Insulation Type:

polyurethane(QA),polyester(QZ), polyester imide(QZY/EIW),polyamide-imide(EI/AIW),


Features of Clad Enameled Copper Wire :

Can be soldered directly, resistance to heat shock impact, high mechanical strength,resistance to be soften, good electric performance and solvent performance

a) Fine resistance to abrasion and solvent,

b) Good electricity performance,

c) Excellent heat shock, adherence and flexibility,

d) High cut through performance and softening breakdown.

3.Main Applications Enameled Copper Clad Aluminum Wire :

Enameled Copper Clad Aluminum Wire Can be used as the winding wire of all kinds of electric motors,miniature motors and some highly-demanded transformers.make winding wire demanding, light material, high electricity conductivity and good heat dispersing performance.

1), high frequency transformer, common transformer;

2), inductance, electromagnetic coil;

3), motor, including household electric motors, all kinds of micro motors and compressors with high environmental requirements.

4) special electromagnetic wire used for audio coil and CD driver.

5), the electromagnetic line is used for the deflection coil of the display.

6), all kinds of electromagnetic inductor coils;

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