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onsdag, december 12th, 2018

Enameled Aluminum Wire Is Widely Used At Home And Abroad

With the continuous advancement of the process technology of the motor manufacturing industry and the popularization and application of automated production lines, coil manufacturing equipment such as high-speed mechanical winding devices, automatic winding devices, and CNC up-type machines are becoming more and more widely used in the manufacture of motor coils. In order to ensure […]

mandag, december 10th, 2018

Xinyu Enamelled Copper Wire Type

Xinyu Enameled Copper Wire can work continuously under 130C and has excellent and electrical properties and is suitable for winding in general motors of class B and F and coils of electrical instrument. Nylon outer polyester enameled copper wire Temperature rating: 155 degrees Insulation Description: Nylon outer polyester enameled copper wire is a typical […]

torsdag, december 6th, 2018

Xinyu Enamelled Copper Wire And Enameled Aluminum Difference

Indoleimide outer polyester polyester coated Enameled Copper Wire Temperature rating: 165 degrees Insulation Description: Indoleimide outer polyester polyester coated enameled copper wire is double-layer insulation. This combination enhances the wear resistance of PEW to obtain the best characteristics. Because it is excellent in the self-slip AI and Nylon coating, it is superior to PEW+NY. Temperature […]

mandag, december 3rd, 2018

Xinyu Enameled Wire Has A Broad Market Prospect

Affected by large-scale power grid construction, electromechanical industry, emerging industries led by home appliances, high-tech industries with electronic information as the mainstay, and economic globalization, China’s enameled wire industry continues to develop at a high speed. Although China’s enameled wire industry started late, the market space is large and the labor cost is low, which […]

torsdag, november 29th, 2018

Detailed Analysis Of The Function Test Of Enameled Wire I

Factors affecting thermal shock; (1) the influence of paint, (2) the influence of copper wire, (3) the impact of enamelled technology. The softening breakdown function of the enameled wire is a measure of the ability of the paint film of the enameled wire to withstand the thermal deformation under the mechanical force effect, that is, […]

mandag, november 26th, 2018

Details Of The Performance Characteristics Of Xinyu Enameled Copper Wire

The Enameled Copper Wire Supplier Xinyu manufactures an exclusive range of super enameled copper wire that is manufactured using E.C Grade copper rods that is extruded or drawn by dies of special size and is further repeatedly coated with enamel. Our assortment of enamelled copper wire comprises Polyester, Polyesterimide and Self-Solderable enameled wires. Performance features […]

torsdag, november 22nd, 2018

Enamelled Copper Wire From The Transformer Copper Foil Suppliers

As the one of the leading Enameled Copper Wire manufacturer, Xinyu-enameledwire has developed a full range of enameled copper wire to meet its customer’s requirements and applications. Products are manufactured as per the specific needs of our customers. In this article, you will see more information about transformer copper foil: Xinyu Transformer Copper Foil has […]

mandag, november 19th, 2018

Paint Peeling Method For Xinyu Enameled Wire

Stripping of xinyu Enameled Wire . Let’s talk about the centrifugal knives. This is said to be the first paint stripping equipment introduced in Germany. It is a three-speed high-speed rotating tool that directly peels off the aluminum enamel-coated paint. . This stripping method, like hand-painting, is only suitable for stripping of large lines. As […]

tirsdag, november 13th, 2018

Introduction Xinyu ECCA Wire Information

The professional Enameled Wire supplier – xinyu-enamelediwre, founded in 2002, specializes in the production of copper enameled wire and enameled aluminum wire, ecca wire, etc. We are the industry leading manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers and exporters in dealing high performing enameled wire. Enameled copper clad aluminum wire(ecca wire) is a new kind of magnet wire applying […]

fredag, november 9th, 2018

Xinyu TV With a Self-adhesive Magnet Wire

Due to the different types of products, the color TV deflection coil factory has different requirements for the bonding performance of the Enameled Wire. But in summary, there are three main aspects: (1) It is not sticky at the specified temperature. In order to ensure that the self-adhesive enameled wire for color TV will not […]